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It does not make use of steam at all.

It uses water that is cool solution and it's unique scrubbing system to clean floors according to it is claims.

I wanted to find out for myself and try first

The Product Explanation Claims

The Shark Duo (Trade Mark) Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner... Model 613A

1) secure for many floors wood that is including tiles, lino, stone and carpets or rug areas
2) Sonic Trap and remove tech
3 ) 1000 scubs in a minute.
4) Airglide ability that is manouvering
5) Includes 3 pads in green with no rinse wood and floor that is hard for the difficult floors
6) plus moisture that is low rinse carpet shampoo with 2 pads (purple trim ) for the carpets and rug areas
7) Pretreater carpeting and spot remover
8) Wood and floor that is hard plus buffingpads
9) 2 re-usable that is coloured ( for the concentrate solutions )
10) And a tray
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What's various concerning the bracket is the fact that it's been made to contain the appliance making sure that its nozzle points upwards - almost every other vacuum that is handheld aim downwards whenever wall-mounted. I found this arrangement did make it a bit that is little to get the vacuum inside and out of the charger, but after a small perseverance At long last got the knack from it.

In conclusion, I really liked the Euro-Pro Shark SV736 cordless handheld vacuum and i might speed it above just about every other handheld vacuum in the marketplace. Its advantages were its excellence performance, quality and great attachments. Its only drawback ended up being getting the machine in and out for the wall surface bracket.

The NV31 is the bagless, cyclonic vacuum that is upright on offer from Shark. Bagless, cyclonic vacuums are preferred by some because the suction energy associated with vacuum continues to be strong and steady even while the dirt cup fills. But performs this Shark bagless upright perform plus the market leaders like Dyson and Eureka?

Customers have reported that the system that is cyclonic in vacuum cleaners is not since powerful because the manufacturers claim and these kinds of vacuums loose suction while the cup fills exactly like regular vacuums. Well, Euro-Pro did not invent the cyclonic system but the Infinity works on the patent pending 24 cyclones, that your company claims provides great suction and guarantees that suction will remain constant.