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5. Drilling - the entire process of drilling every one of the holes for plated through applications; a 2nd drilling procedure is useful for holes that aren't to be plated through. Info on gap location and dimensions are contained in the drill file that is drawing.

6. Plating - the entire process of applying copper plating to your pads, traces, and drilled through holes that are become plated through; panels are positioned within an electrically charged bath of copper.

7. 2nd Drilling - this is required when holes can be drilled via a copper area however the gap is not to be plated through. Prevent this process when possible since it adds expense to the board that is finished.

8. Masking - the process of using a masking that is protective, a solder mask, throughout the bare copper traces or higher the copper which includes possessed a thin layer of solder applied; the solder mask protects against environmental harm, provides insulation, protects against solder shorts, and protects traces that run between pads.
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I am able to inform you that around 40 % of total defective monitors are really easy to be fixed usually while the remainder is just a bit time consuming however it is worth to perform electronic component analyzing, screening and replacement. When you got at fault, you solder it out and replace the part that is new solder it straight back in the circuit board.

Very essential and important techniques in servicing lcd monitor is the SOLDERING technique that may bring you fast dollars easily and quickly. I believe many repairers will accept me personally.

Let just take few genuine soldering examples the following:

Case 1: Compaq FP731 shutdown from few seconds to minutes that are few

Solution 1: Re-solder the feedback circuit regarding the inverter that is ccfl C215, C216, D201, D204, R215, R246, R218, D206, C242, D210, R234, R243

Situation 2: BenQ T705 got display shutdown after power on for few second

Solution 2: Solder away 4 nos. shorted C5707 transistors and solder transistors that are new.