Top 5 Ways To Increase Sperm Volume

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In the last 10 years, it is becoming obvious to all or any that the great majority of men want in 'enlarging' how big is their manhood. If you have any kind of inquiries concerning where and how you can utilize Diamond Kitty, you can call us at the site. Product sales of natural improvement capsules has increased steadily over the last 10 years, and is now a thriving, billion dollar sector. Apparently, it's an all natural "guy issue" to want to improve the size of their genitalia.

Maybe even more surprising, may be the recent boom in popularity of natural semen volume enhancers. Although trusted in the adult film market for several years, semen capsules like Semenax and Quantity Pills have only become available in the mainstream in the last 3 years roughly. Using a variety of natural vitamins, nutrients, and minerals recognized to promote semen and sperm production, these semen enhancers have surpassed all the enhancement products in terms of popularity and gross sales.

This is simply not all that shocking, considering that recent studies have shown that today's males are producing about 40% less semen and sperm than men just 3 or 4 4 decades ago. That is a huge decrease in a relatively short amount of time, and can be related to a number of factors. A few of the top reasons for reduced semen output are listed below.

- Lifestyle choices (alcoholic beverages, caffeine, tobacco, and recreational drugs all employ a negative impact on semen production, sperm quantity and sperm health)

- Diet (typical North American males usually do not eat the recommended levels of fruits, vegetables, and various other 'sperm-friendly' foods)

- Environmental factors (Men in modern countries have their semen production aversely suffering from pollution, toxins, heavy metals, and various other environmental problems)

Of course, as well as the above factors, semen output and sperm production are also affected by other factors including organic aging. Much as they want to - as they grow older, few guys can ejaculate the huge semen loads they experienced in their youth. This will not mean that all is dropped, however, as men can take many steps to improve and restore their semen amounts to those comparable, or even better, than if they were teenagers.

Although some of the semen enhancers advertise increases in semen production of "500% or even more", the simple truth is that only a handful of natural semen supplements will provide these types of dramatic results. Semenax and Quantity Pills are currently the only semen improvement supplements with documented medical trials to demonstrate their effectiveness in a big enough test research to be medically acceptable.

As a result, sales of these items has climbed steadily given that they were first released a few years ago. Although they won't release exact sales numbers, each company currently promises sales for their product to be "well in to the 7 figures mark" for number of bottles sold per year. This is a staggering number of men buying semen enhancers to state the least!

Although semen volume enhancers are probably the only guaranteed (and fastest) way to improve semen production, there are plenty of things men can do to possess a positive influence on their semen production, sperm volume, and overall fertility. Listed below are the very best 5 actions you can take to improve your sperm quantity and shoot bigger loads during ejaculation: